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Emergency Rescue Training

Belize has a multitude of rivers coursing through the interior of the country. Since much of the rock in the Belizean interior is limestone these waterways carve out caves, tunnels, and underground routes. Over the years these natural formations have become a tourist destination for cave tubing, kayaking, and spelunking.

Due to the inherent dangers of these activities it is critical that local tour guides are prepared in the event of an injury to their charges as they lead groups on these adventures. The guides at Wildland Belize Adventures along with many other local guides regularly train to be prepared for such incidents. They are certified in emergency rescue activities in caves, river, and jungle environments; they are medically certified in other emergency procedures such as CPR and applying tourniquets. They are the local EMTs of their communities.

Although it is a rare case of injury on a tour in Belize it is always comforting to know that your guide will know exactly what action to take should something occur to you or a member of your party while exploring the many natural wonders of Belize.

Swift Water Rescue Training

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