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Belmopan Market

Twice a week on Tuesday and Friday the Belmopan Market comes to life. Vendors from all over Belize come to Belmopan to sell their goods. Fruits, vegetables, and seafood to furniture, videos and clothes are sold at the Market. You can find Kriol fisherman selling fresh snapper, lobster, and shrimp and Mennonites selling hand crafted furniture. If you get hungry while shopping there is a wide array of food vendors selling everything from Rice and Beans to Corn Bites and Papusas. Cool down with a tall glass of horchata or a Belikin brew.

The Market is the place to see true Belizean diversity. You will encounter Mayans, Kriols, Garifuna, and Spanish ethnic groups. You will notice that there are man different languages spoken at the market including Mayan dialects, English, Spanish, and of course Kriol. If you ever have the chance don't miss out on the experience of the Belmopan Market. Although it is not as large or as well known as other famous Market Plazas of Latin America or the Caribbean it will provide you with a true look at Belizean culture.

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