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Kayaking the Sibun River

Exploring the Sibun River by kayak is one of the best ways to spend your day in Belize. Located near the capital of Belmopan the Sibun River can be accessed at various points but some of the best scenery is located along the Hummingbird Highway south of Belmopan. It is one of the major waterways of Central Belize connected to Caves Branch and Dry Creek, running all the way to the coast to enter the Caribbean Sea just south of Belize City.

You can explore river caves along this route while also taking in the lush jungle landscape that makes

up the ecosystem in this region of Belize. The Caves Branch and Sibun rivers in central Belize are lined with limestone caves. The large amount of limestone in this area combined with the watershed has lead to the creation of hundreds, if not thousands of caves and cave systems in the area. This area provides numerous river cave exploring opportunities and has also provided Belize with many archaeological discoveries tied to the Mayan civilization.

There are many scenic spots along the way to stop for a meal. A river picnic provided by your local guides during this trip is just the thing to recharge for the final stretch of the trip and provide some time to truly take in, reflect, and enjoy the experience. Once you reach your destination simply pack up and hit the nearest local for an ice cold and refreshing Belikin.

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