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Waterfalls of Belize

Belize, while not known for any famous rivers or waterfalls, has numerous waterways. Many of them are unique and well worth a visit to the untamed wilderness interior of Belize. The Tiger Fern Waterfall in Cockscomb Basin Reserve is just one such waterfall. The nearby vegetation gives this waterfall its name and the pool at the base is large enough to accommodate an enjoyable swim to cool down before heading back down the trail.

Tiger Fern Falls

At Mayflower National Park you can enjoy the sites of Bocawina Falls. These falls are more along the lines of the well known natural waterslides found in various parts of Central America, though we wouldn't recommend trying to slide down these falls au naturel. You can also travel to Big Drop Waterfall in the park as well.

There are many waterfalls and other amazing sights throughout Belize and we encourage all visitors to go out and explore the wonderful natural wonders that Belize has to offer.

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