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It is that time of year again where the guides of Wildland Belize participate in Search and Rescue. A unique challenge and opportunity as the guides and participants worked to safely move an injured individual from the interior of a cave and through the jungle to safety.

As you can see from the image above it involves multiple rescuers and a number of pulleys and ropes to move injured persons about inside a cave. The severity of injury of course will dictate the actions the rescuers will take.

Once the cave is navigated rescuers must still traverse jungle terrain and with a severely injured person that can be quite the undertaking as you can see from the reenactment below. Although these situations are uncommon, it is critical that rescuers have the knowledge and expertise to extract themselves and injured parties safely.

It doesn't hurt to know some local tips, such as in a pinch coconut water can be used to rehydrate a person as an IV fluid for short periods.

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