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Belize Kayak


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River and Cave Kayaking

Discover the waterways of Belize by kayak. Explore the verdant jungles or underground rivers of the Belizean interior.

Five Blue Lake

Visit Five Blue Lake National Park. Beautiful scenery set in the Belizean jungle this lake is known for the varying blue shades found in the lake.

Belize Cave Tubing

Cave Tubing

Belize has an abundance of caves and underground rivers thanks to the local geology. Experience the excitement of floating from open river into the dark confines of underground waterways.

Bird Watching

Ornothologist lovers are in for a treat in Belize. A wide range of avian species lives in Belize from the national bird the Keel Billed Toucan to the Harpy Eagle.

Belize Cave

Crystal Cave

The Crystal Cave is a natural wonder of Belize that involves hiking, cave exploring, and even a little rappelling. 

Mayan Ruins

Belize has a multitude of Mayan ruins with easy access to all visitors. You can visit Lamanai in the north, Caracol in the east or travel to Guatemala to visit the massive Mayan city of Tikal.


Haunted Forest

A journey through the underworld of Belize. Discover amazing rock formations, see ancient artifacts, and learn what to be in the dark truly means.

Belize Jaguar

Belize Zoo

Discover the diverse wildlife of Belize at the Belize Zoo.  Jaguars to Tapirs the Belize Zoo has an extensive exhibit of all animals native to Belize. 

Belize Cave

St. Herman's Cave Tubing and Cave Exploring

St. Herman's Cave is a natural underground waterway that runs through the Blue Hole National Park in Belize. Located near the capital of Belmopan this adventure is an easy and accessible journey for individuals or families.

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